Holiday on Mars


Warner Bros Italy / Indiana Production




Rome Italy


Luno Studios leads the way with Europe’s first feature film shot on an LED Volume.


Holiday on Mars is Europe’s first feature film to have been shot on an LED Volume. Involved from the start, Luno Studios helped the production define the creative and formulate an innovative Virtual Produciton shooting strategy.

Tasked with the custom design and build of the LED Volume, which included both the LED display panels as well as the render node back end, Luno broke all records with a 3 week design period and 10 day build time. Our team is especially proud knowing that this process took place during a global pandemic and supply chain shortages.  

During pre-production, our team served as Virtual Art Department creating custom assets as well as managing the 3rd party vendor asset build as well as integration and optimization. Transitioning on to principle photography, Luno’s team filled the roles of Virtual Production Supervisor, technical artists, developers and LED engineers.

With a total of 13 separate locations ranging from interior spaceports to exterior Mars sets, Luno paved the way for Virtual Produciton both in Europe as well as Italy.