Faber Audiovisual




Rome Italy


Europe’s largest and most advanced LED Volume designed by Luno Studios and built for Cinecittà Studios. 


Luno Studios in partnership with Faber Audiovisual, Frontline, Sixty82 and Arri designed and supervised the construction of Europe’s largest and most advanced LED Volume. T18 was built by filmmakers for filmmakers. 

The horse shoe shape of the LED panels enables wide shots and 90° setups better than any other configuration. 

Moving on and need to turn around? With one of the widest and highest payload in the world, T18 provides a 79′ diameter, motorized turntable capable of carrying 18,000 lbs per sq ft. An entire set piece can be rotated in a matter of minutes to reframe the scene, ensuring all camera angles cover the LED volume.

In addition to light from the curved cyclorama wall, T18 can be lit from above as well. From soft overhead ambient lighting to high contrast reflections, it can all be done with a flick of a button. All of this is possible through eight overhead, independently articulated LED pods rigged on motorized hoists capable of lifting 2800 lbs each.

The ROE BP2V2 LED panels are the best in class, running at an astonishing 7680Hz refresh rate. Paired with next gen 8K Megapixel Processing these tiles deliver rock steady visuals and true to life color performance thanks to an HDR 16 bit internal color pipeline from end to end. Add the ability to simultaneously capture an invisible-to the-eye, green screen feed in camera and what you get is a perfect key.

An additional 6 LED walls mounted on dolly carts can be moved anywhere, extended, or seamlessly connected with each other in any number of ways for additional lighting and reflections, and simultaneous reverse shot set ups.

Luno’s mission was to deliver a director-centric platform, accommodating complete shooting freedom, faster turnaround times, earth shattering visuals and uninterrupted operation.