In Pre Pro

Budgeting, breakdown or shooting methodology–let’s get the ball rolling.


Ever experience uncertainty over how to get the work done. Our crew knows how to deliver.

With our collective experience in delivering scores of shows ranging from big budget studio blockbusters to small indy productions, we can get the job done. Need to get a show on budget or green lit, Luno can help with granular level script breakdowns, shooting methodologies, and bids and budgets for both Visual Effects projects and LED volume shoots.

With our real world experience in designing and building both pop-up and persistent stages, we can tailor a custom LED volume to your show’s needs or integrate an existing volume with all the necessary components to guarantee optimal performance and continuous operation. Once up and running, streamline the workflow with virtual location scouts and sequence pre-visualization through our custom virtual camera system. Luno is ready to work with your virtual art department or help you set one up from scratch.

Planning a traditional VFX show, we’re there with both technical and creative solutions right from the start from concept art, previs, sourcing vendors to shooting, scheduling and budgeting. Luno can help organize and execute your show from start to finish. Also consult with our crack financial wizards to take advantage of the various tax incentives and rebates available in Italy, Europe and beyond.

On Location

Luno can shoot or scan anything, anywhere–worldwide.


Need plates of the North African Sahara or scans of Hong Kong from the top of a skyscraper. We’ve done that. Luno can deploy a splinter unit to shoot and deliver high quality, high resolution footage world wide. Or dispatch our digital acquisition crew to capture any location with laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry. Helicopter, drone, or camera car–no matter what the platform, we can shoot it for you.

Once it’s in the can, use the LED volume to playback stitched footage or digital assets. Don’t take the expensive route and travel the entire crew up a mountain, let Luno bring the mountain to you instead.

On Set

VP crew or VFX supervision–we’re there on the day for you.


Luno is right there with you on the day and every day till wrap. Our virtual production crew of set savvy technical artists, developers and LED engineers have been carefully assembled to support your show from start to finish.

We’ll take on the responsibility of operating both the hardware and software components as well as integration of digital assets into the production workflow, as well as any additional practical lighting fixtures or data from the motion desk. We have the tools and skills to fully customize the process to suit the production’s needs.

Planning on working with your own asset vendors or want Luno to manage the process, we are ready to integrate and optimize digital assets to achieve the fastest and most reliable playback for trouble free shooting. Luno’s team knows how to bring it all together. Pre-lights, walkthroughs and blocking, are all part of the process and we know how to work with the director and cinematographer to achieve the best results.

Color is one of the most troubling issues for Virtual Produciton. Luno has strategic partnerships with the worlds best camera companies to ensure accurate color calibration and rendition all the way from texture map, to viewing monitors, to capture in the volume, and finally to the DI.

In Post

Let us help navigate the complex world of post production and keep you on target for final delivery.


Luno can take you from the faintest glimmer of an idea all the way to final delivery.

With our long standing relationships with visual effects houses around the world we can put together and supervise a team to deliver your show. Any number of shots from 200 to 2,000 we’ve done it before.

From director dailies to color correct ACES editorial submissions to shot tracking databases, we can set up and execute a smooth workflow for production right down to final delivery to DI and DCP master.